The Healing Membership

Feel spiritually connected every day.

with Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Healing Courses, Coaching, and much more…!

Are you ready for spiritual guidance, connection and healing?

I’m delighted you’ve found me! Now more than ever there is a need to nurture our Spiritual Growth, and it is my deepest passion to provide this guidance to you at such a tricky time in our lives, because…

We Need Accountability.

We Need
A Community.

We Need

( Even the most ordained and dedicated Buddhist Monks live in communities,
 with fellow students and teachers everywhere!)

So I created this wonderful Membership as a safe haven for beautiful Souls such as yourself, to deepen your Spiritual Connection, enhance your natural Healing, and maintain a practice that works for you!
I share with you all the teachings and tools that I know, use and trust, so that you can kickstart this much deeper and more beautiful connection to you.
My style is simple and easy to follow, with a dash of humour!
a n d a t P e a c e
Each month I deliver you brand-new content that’s easy to access on your computer, phone or tablet.

The Healing Membership at a glance:

Online Group Coaching

Four times a year I lead live, online group coaching just for Healing Members. Ask me anything!


New Monthly Content

Each month a new video and audio is added to the library to help inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey.



We like to check in to see how you’re doing, and hold your hand to guide you back on track when Life gets in the way (which is normal).

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All Access Pass

The moment you join, you get on-demand access to the entire library! Classes, Courses, Meditations, Yoga, Breathing Exercises and much more!


Authentic Teachings

Every video and audio is recorded from a genuine place of care and love for your well-being, with the right training and qualification behind it.

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Complete beginners are welcome!

Even if you've no experience with Yoga, Meditation or any sort of Holistic Healing - this is still the place for you 🙂


Our absolutely amazing private Facebook Group is a community that connects like-minded people with the same goals, who are excited to build each other up, motivate, answer questions, make friends, and provide support. Monitored by myself and other wonderful Healers to bring you Guidance everyday.


“Pip really gets you involved with movement, homework, meditations, and heaps of teachings! I feel much more spiritually connected, empowered, and like I can be the best version of myself more and more each day. I highly recommend Pip as your Guide!”

~ Meg T, Yoga Teacher

Pip's membership is a revelation!

“Pip’s style of teaching has this incredible amount of relatable realism; I felt safe and comfortable to move through my blocks. Not only is Pip incredibly trusting and an amazing communicator, but she also feels like your best mate! You’ll learn so much knowledge in such a short amount of time. This membership is a revelation!"

~ Caroline K, Marketing

BECOME A HEALING MEMBER and join our monthly community!

Keep Up With The Well-Being Revolution!


MOTHER To our darling toddler called Indy, and ready to pop with baby no. 2! Hubby has a boring desk job I’d absolutely love to save him from!
YOGA TEACHER + HEALER Yoga Training TRANSFORMED my Life after traveling the world with hubby, and I now find myself drawn to the Philosophies, Mindfulness and Meditation more and more. I also trained in Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Dowsing, and soon Kundalini !Aaahh, so in love with this stuff.
EX-MODEL Yep, once upon a lifetime ago this was my regular income in the ‘Big Smoke’, which then transferred to Retail and opening the infamous Victorias Secret Store in Bond St London. I’ve experienced being in the rut of London City living, earning, and pressure.
I’m here to support you ⦁ It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to spirituality or have had a practice for years. ⦁ I recognise that you’re feeling a bit lost with tons of wasted potential ⦁ I understand that you miss that connection to Spirit and feeling good ⦁ You might even feel guilty for not taking better care of yourself ⦁ You’d love some more friends that really get who you are (and don’t judge!)
Yep I hear you, and you are being called to Heal my friend!

Life changing transformation is waiting for you!

A FREE Taster Of Our Teachings


But it’s time to crank it up a gear. Wherever you are now, the guidance and teachings I share in the Healing Membership will inspire deep, meaningful and ever lasting changes in your life. I designed it to have a positive impact on you forever.
  • If you want an easy and fun way to live a spiritual life, the Healing Membership is for you.
  • If you want an incredible community of spiritual friends who share your values, the Healing Membership is for you.
  • If you want to feel more at peace, supported and inspired every day — then the Healing Membership is for you.
Pip Makes It So Easy And Fun To Understand “If you want to grow personally, learn so many interesting things in an entertaining way, and feel so much more at peace with a real sense of balance within… then Pip is your guide!” Lina P, Video Editor I Am Reassured I Am Not Alone “…and that is powerful. Pip’s helped changed my life forever!” Corinne H, Mother & Homemaker Mainstream Teacher That Feels Like Your Best Mate “Prepare to be propelled into a life of peace, love, joy and freedom!” Caroline K, Marketing Incredible Amount Of Wisdom And Insight “The guided meditations were my all time favourites! I would recommend students take as many notes as possible” Amanda C, Holistic Therapist
The Healing Membership combines realism and spirituality in a relaxed and relatable way. You no longer have to find where to get your hit of inspiration, motivation or calm. It’s all right here, on one simple page – just log in!

Perks of Membership

Look after your Spirit, and your Spirit will look after you and everything around you.

This is what opens you up to all the creative abundance the Universe has to offer, and when you’re tuning in more regularly:

✅ Feeling good becomes the norm for you
✅ You can find your spiritual purpose and calling
✅ You can feel that self love and stop the guilt
✅ You can figure out creative solutions to problems
✅ You begin to maintain a high frequency with moods as a new habit
✅ You feel more at peace within your surroundings
✅ You feel more confident and desirable in yourself.

Become a Healing Member and join our Community
I can’t wait to welcome you and enhance your Healing journey!

BECOME A HEALING MEMBER and join our monthly community!

Keep Up With The Well-Being Revolution!